Be enchanted by the crystalline sea, dunes, landscapes colored by the sun, lakes and geological formations such as the famous Pedra Furada. Owner of one of the most beautiful sunsets in Brazil, it is one of the most requested places for those visiting Ceará. The Jericoacoara National Park is made up of the municipalities of Jijoca, Santa Cruz and Camocim. Full of natural beauty to visit.

Paradise for practitioners of Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Capoeira or refuge for lovers of natural pools, perhaps a mandatory stop for adventure hunters in its dunes teeming with emotion or even a quiet place for those who want to enjoy a peaceful nap lying in a partially submerged hammock in the calm waters of a calm and relaxing sea.

Jericoacoara beach, the main and closest to the village, is ideal for adventure. Its direct side is intended for Kitesurfing, while its right side is for windsurfing. The center of the beach, a place of calm waters, is intended for people who want to enjoy calm waters and the proximity that this beautiful beach has to Vila de Jericoacoara.

Kite and Windsurf go together, where there is one another. That's because the environment and climate conditions are the same. Both sports need constant wind and calm waters, and Jeri has those conditions to spare. There are several windsurf schools on the beach and board rentals. It has a demarcated area for Wind on the beachfront.

Praia das Conchas is the ideal setting for photography lovers. Location where the famous Pedra Furada is located and its beauty for breathtaking photos at sunset. We cannot fail to mention Praia do Mangue Seco, a nursery for seahorses and an unmissable photo opportunity with these delicate creatures. The beach has a picturesque look with white sand and trees with exposed roots. It is located at the meeting point of the Guriú River and the sea, which forms an ideal lake for family moments.

A destination to visit all year round. In the first half of the year, the amount of rain is greater, it is they that make the lakes fill. The second half is drier and for those who want to sail, August is the best month, with strong winds.

How to get

To get to Jericoacoara it is possible to fly directly to the Regional Airport of Jericoacoara, located in the city of Cruz, or go to Fortaleza and from there continue to Jeri by shuttle, bus or car. Upon arrival in Jericoacoara, a Sustainable Tourism Tax of R$5 per day per person is charged. Valid for visitors between 13 and 59 years old.

Where to eat

The gastronomy specialized in fish predominates the place. Most establishments are concentrated in the center, especially on Main Street, following the typical rustic decor of the place. The Tamarindo restaurant is always popular and has a cozy atmosphere with refined dishes. O Na Casa Dela, prepares homemade Northeastern food. The Santo Antônio Bakery guarantees snacks for forrozeiros: open 24 hours a day.

Mahnai is the best option for those who want to enjoy Jericoacoara, having 08 properties, our guests can enjoy this paradise with the best staff and the best location. Our suggestions for places to stay:

Vila Jericoacoara has 12 rooms and accommodates up to 30 people. Strategically located within walking distance of the beach, shops and restaurants, La Villa is secluded enough to offer the best views of Jeri and preserve privacy and tranquility.

Just 30 minutes from Jericoacoara, Vila Flor de Lotus is located on Barrinha beach, a picturesque and authentic fishing village. It has 08 rooms and accommodates up to 16 people. Rich and exuberant vegetation, white sand beaches, lagoons and dunes. The serene environment is ideal for meditation, yoga, or just to sit back and relax. The house offers several seating areas and patios where guests can relax and enjoy paradise.