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If you own a high-standard property and want to offer it for seasonal rental in one of the most coveted destinations in Brazil, Mahnai is the ideal partner for you. Our mission is to provide unique and unforgettable experiences for our clients, and to this end, we look for properties that not only meet, but exceed expectations in terms of luxury, comfort and style.

Why Choose Mahnai?

Mahnai stands out for its careful and meticulous approach to property selection. We understand that the quality of the environment is crucial for a memorable lodging experience. Therefore, our approval criteria are strict and encompass:

  • Property Maintenance: We assess the overall condition of the property to ensure it is in perfect shape.

  • Features and Location: We look for properties with unique characteristics in privileged locations.

  • Quality of Furnishings and Decor: The furniture, bed linens, tablecloths, bath linens, domestic utensils, and equipment should be of high quality and good taste.

  • On-Site Verification and Testing: Your property's approval occurs only after a thorough visit, where we check all aspects and perform tests to ensure everything is in perfect condition.

How to Add Your Property to Mahnai's Portfolio:

  1. Submission of Photos and Information: The first step is to send detailed photos and complete information about your property through our website.

  2. Visitation and Evaluation: After the initial analysis, our team will conduct a visit to the property. If there are needs for adjustments or improvements, a new visit will be scheduled after these are completed.

  3. Formalization of the Partnership: Once approved, we will formalize our service agreement in an exclusive capacity.

  4. Photo and Video Session: Finally, we will schedule a professional photo and video session to capture the essence of your property, highlighting it on our platform.

At Mahnai, we are dedicated to creating a perfect synergy between visionary property owners and discerning guests, ensuring a harmonious and profitable rental experience for both parties.

Join Us

If you believe your property meets our standards of excellence, we invite you to start this partnership process with us. We are eager to discover the unique potential of your property and present it to our discerning clients.

Mahnai - Where each property tells a unique story.