Angra dos Reis

Angra dos Reis

Angra dos Reis is one of the most popular destinations on the coast of Rio de Janeiro. Graced with stunning vegetation, natural landscapes of beautiful beaches, surrounded by the Atlantic Forest and dotted with 365 islands, 08 bays and more than 2,000 beaches that allow for a tour of land and sea. The best way to get to know them is by boat or boat.

The Costa Verde of the State of Rio de Janeiro, where Angra dos Reis is located, is the perfect place for all traveler profiles. Families enjoy calm beaches, warm waters or boat rides that become real adventures for children of all ages.

Adults can't miss out on this natural wonder either! Perfect refuge from the everyday life of large cities, Angrinha, as it is affectionately called, presents itself as a relaxing paradise regarded as a favorite by national and international artists and celebrities. On the mainland, the attractions are in the Historic Center with convents and churches, 18th century colonial houses and charming restaurants.

To relax
Relaxing massages, breakfasts to the sounds of birds singing and untouched fauna thanks to the Environmental Protection Area, helps to relax and re-establish a genuine connection with nature, cleansing the soul and renewing energy.

Trail fans can't miss
Adventurers are also welcome to Angra dos Reis, finding trails of all difficulty levels, including the Pico do Papagaio Trail, in Ilha Grande, which is one of the favorites of those who know the region. The view from the summit of Pico do Papagaio is inexplicable and brings an uneven feeling of conquering the difficulties that the trail presents.

The practice of scuba diving or even on surface with snorkel is unparalleled and has a diversified marine life, which makes the region one of the best diving places in the country. , molluscs and hidden shipwrecks.

Where to eat
After enjoying the natural beauty and beautiful landscapes, there are great bars and restaurants to try the local cuisine. The Maricultura Costa Verde restaurant, in Ilha Grande, organizes tours to see how vines and beijupirá fish are produced and raised. Another place worth checking out is the Lua e Mar Restaurant, in addition to the climate on the sand, it is famous for offering the region's typical dish, fish with banana. The location is easily accessible for those in Ilha Grande and Angra, close to Lopes Mendes. At Fasano, the chef works a wide variety of seafood with sophisticated presentations. It is a refined and romantic option.

Ilha da Gipóia

The property located on Ilha da Gipóia has one of the best and best rated beaches in the region, Praia da Piedade. Surrounded by extensive vegetation from the Atlantic Forest, this beach has shallow waters, with a bluish color and practically no waves.

Mahnai is the best option for those who want to enjoy this enchanting destination, with 18 properties spread across Angra, our guests can enjoy this paradise with the best staff and the best locations. Our suggestions for houses to stay in Angra:

Vila Gipóia has 06 rooms and accommodates up to 12 people. It has a sports court, a pier deck with adjoining pool, cinema room, gym, living room and wine cellar. Perfect for holidays with family and friends.

Villa Azul is located in Condomínio Portogalo, has 07 rooms and sleeps up to 14 people. It has a swimming pool with sea view, gazebo, barbecue area with wood oven, sports court, garden, sauna and jacuzzi. Great for boating, hiking and waterfall baths.

Angra dos Reis is located between the cities of Rio (166km) and São Paulo (414 km), the access is made by the BR-101, which is the Rio-Santos. For those arriving from other states and arriving by plane, the best option is to get off at Santos Dumont Airport.