Come visit our city. Instead of staying in hotels or hostels, check out the vacation rental apartments that Mahnai offers. Less bureaucracy, lower cost, greater privacy and freedom are some of the advantages of renting a vacation rental apartment. Check out the available apartments.

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Apartment Mora | ITA705

1 Room Max 2 persons

Apartment Mora is a one bedroom, one bathroom home in Milan. The modern living area is a clean white space with blocky columns and bright orange and teal accents. The bedroom is furnished in a more traditional style and provides access to a private garden. Green and blue mosaic tiles give the bathroom a Moorish feel. Nearby you can find all the bars and restaurants of Corso di Porta Ticinese and the famous shops of Via Torino. A short stroll south is the pleasant Parco delle Basiliche with its ornamental trees and Roman ruins. Sant’Ambrogio Metro station is around ten minutes’ walk away.

Villa Water's Edge | ITA800

1 Room Max 2 persons

Water’s Edge is one of the most sought after properties in the Sardinian Luxury portfolio. In a location of rare natural beauty, guests can relax and enjoy the essence of this remarkable Italian island during all seasons. It is the perfect property for entertaining friends and family, and also clients. With experienced staff, guests are always keen to return to this special villa.

The property has extensive grounds, with direct access to two beaches, and overlooks the crystal turquoise sea and coast. The interiors are spacious and contemporary. The villa features a spacious patio, with a fountain, a separate covered terrace with comfortable furnishings and a fridge, and a deck overlooking its own private beach. The garden and lawn area of over an acre provide plenty of space for peaceful al fresco dining and relaxing. Guests often practise yoga and pilates in the grounds, with qualified personnel.

The peninsula of Capo Coda Cavallo is characterised by a succession of coves with sandy beaches and cliffs covered with perfumed Mediterranean maquis, strawberry trees, junipers and mastic. The limestone island of Tavolara, together with the island of Molara and the islet of Proratora, close to the north bay of Coda Cavallo forms a natural setting of exceptional beauty. The area is famous for amazing unspoilt beaches, such as Cala Brandinchi, Lu Impostu, Cala Suarracia and others.

Air-conditioning throughout. Wifi throughout. Internal sound system. Satellite TV in living room. Automatic gate with remote control at entrance to the estate. Parking for several cars.

ITA706 | Apartment Conce

1 Room Max 2 persons

Apartment Conce is a four bedroom, four bathroom home in Florence. This architect-designed home’s living areas have some really exceptional details (the sitting room’s graceful spiral staircase is particularly unique), and they’re also imaginatively furnished and full of bold artworks. The many outside spaces are just as vibrant and inviting. Back inside, the ensuite master bedroom is as striking as you’d expect, with black geometric-patterned walls and gold drapes. What’s more, you’re nicely situated too – close to the local market, some great museums and the cathedral. And it’s only a one-minute walk to the nearest bus stop, Agnolo.

ITA707 | Apartment Lorenzo

1 Room Max 2 persons

Apartment Lorenzo is a two bedroom, two bathroom home in Florence. White-painted, with slick contemporary furnishings, vivid turquoise accessories and striking zigzag floor tiles, this home’s open-plan living area feels very cool. Both the second bedroom (at the top of an unusual transparent staircase) and the master are just as stylish. Even the terrace, with its marble table and white-cushioned sofas, all overlooking the Duomo, is smartly done. Outside, the streets are lined with shops, bars and restaurants, and you’ll find a fair few museums and monuments within walking distance too. San Lorenzo bus stop is a one-minute walk.

ITA708 | Apartment Spirito

1 Room Max 2 persons

Apartment Spirito is a four bedroom, four bathroom home in Florence. Not only are this home’s grand living areas full of original details and antique furnishings, they’re also decorated with frescoes, statuettes and oil paintings. The four bedrooms are home to some very striking pieces too – you’ll spot everything from canopied beds and carved dressers, to delicate porcelain vases. You’re centrally situated here, and the surrounding streets are dotted with bars and restaurants. The Palazzo Pitti and the beautiful Boboli Gardens are close by, and it’s only a three-minute walk to the bus stop at Vigna Nuova